January 2012 in Review

January 2012 Stats

Books read: 4
Pages read: 1,388
Books reviewed: 4

Though my stats aren’t terribly high for January, I had a truly enjoyable month reading and reviewing some great titles.

Books Read

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This year, I am particularly interested in participating in reading challenges, beginning this month with Orange January, a challenge centered around the Orange Prize. In addition, I’ve been keeping my ears perked for book awards in 2012, including the National Book Critics Circle Awards.

This month, I highlighted the top ten books I’m most excited to read in 2012, and I also chose the top ten books I’d recommend for book clubs. I began another nonfiction writing class at the end of January, so my mind was occupied with thoughts of the best books on writing; the best authors of one of my favorite genres, fairy tales; and the best tote bag a writer could ask for. I also received quite a few nonfiction books in the mail that I’m hoping to learn a lot from.

Why is that when everyone else in the country goes on a diet in January, I begin eating more? Someone’s gotta pick up the slack, I suppose. This month, I posted photos of our first attempt making pizza, and I shared what may be the cutest sushi ever made.

However, I also tried to use my website for good by protesting SOPA–including a blackout of my entire site on January 18.

Books reviewed

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4 out of 5 stars (click on cover for complete review)

Publications reviewed

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