2011 in Review

2011 Stats

Books read: 62
Pages read: 18,731
Books reviewed: 62
Total posts: 152

2011 was a very exciting year for me. I was able to travel to Thailand and Indonesia, Jack and I moved into a new house, I began ice skating lessons again, and I started a graduate program in writing. I’ve certainly stayed busy!

I also began experimenting with new things on this site, including Top Ten Tuesday lists, the biweekly Subscription Saturday feature, Wordless Wednesdays photographs, my Bookshelf ROWDOWN challenge, and book giveaways. I will continue to fine-tune the kinds of posts that work best on my site in the coming year; if you have any feedback on what you’ve seen so far or what you would like to see, please contact me! I love hearing from readers.

Speaking of readers, let’s talk about what you guys liked this year. My most popular post in 2011 was Top Ten Rebels in Literature, and the most popular reviews were of Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, The Kid by Sapphire, Yoga for Emotional Balance by Bo Forbes, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

Many of my site’s visitors came from the United States. Readers from Canada and the United Kingdom were not far behind, followed by book-lovers in Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, and many more countries.

Here’s to another great year in reading!

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