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Science Features

> Currents of Change, Johns Hopkins magazine
> The Amazon Rainforest Is in Worse Shape Than We Thought, The New Republic
> Can Oysters Save Our Seas?, The New Republic
> Ears in the Field, Bats Magazine
> The Science Behind the Art, Bats Magazine
> Female Scientists Are Bearing the Brunt of Quarantine Child-Rearing, The New Republic
> The Coronavirus and the Limits of Individual Climate Action, The New Republic
> The Next Pandemic Could Be Hiding in the Arctic Permafrost, The New Republic
> The Climate Crisis Will Be Just as Shockingly Abrupt, The New Republic
> The Challenge of Sustainable Chocolate, The New Republic
> The Bittersweet Joy of Fat Bear Week, The New Republic
> Meet the Indigenous Women Fighting for Ecuador’s Rainforest, The New Republic
> Extreme Athletes Are Braving the Harshest Environments on Earth For Science, Earther
> How Camera Traps Are Revealing a Rich, Hidden World of Wildlife, Earther
> In Hawaii, Distant Galaxies Confront Indigenous Lands in Quest for World’s Largest Telescope, Fusion
> Police Turn to New DNA-Powered Technology in Hopes of Finding Killer, The Washington Post
> In the D.C. Area, Carpooling “Slugs” Ride Fast and Free, Grist
> Life in the Slug Lane, Washingtonian
Got Food Scraps? Hail a ‘Compost Cab’, Grist
> Bikes Are Green, But in the Red, China Dialogue

I reported from France, Norway, Sweden, and the Canadian Arctic with Camilla Andersen on GroundTruth Project climate change reporting fellowships in 2015-16.

Climate tracker

Paris Agreement on Climate Change

A Super-Nerdy Insurance Plan Could Save Countries From Damage Caused by Climate Change, Quartz
> Man-Made “Wind Trees” Will Finally Make It Possible to Power Homes Using Turbines, Quartz
> A Tiny Forest Tribe Built a DIY Drone From YouTube to Fight Off Illegal Loggers, Quartz
> Corking Climate Change: Sustainable Practices Bear Fruit in Champagne Production, The Guardian
> Lost in the Labyrinth of the Paris Climate Talks? Follow a Climate Tracker, Fusion
> 14 People Fighting for the Planet at COP21 — and What They Want
> The Silent March for Change, GroundTruth Project


Climate Change in the Arctic

> Solving the Suicide Crisis in the Arctic Circle, Pacific Standard
In a Land of Thundering Reindeer, Suicide Stalks the Indigenous Sami, STAT News (republished by PBS NewsHour)
Anguish in the Scandinavian Arctic [podcast], GroundTruth Project
> How One Inuit Community Won Against Big Oil, The New Republic
> The Race to Save Arctic Cities As Permafrost Melts, CityLab (republished by Wired, National Observer, and The Week)
> Exploring Norway, Where Climate Change Affects Indigenous People, GroundTruth Project
> Protecting Indigenous Tradition in the Arctic, GroundTruth Project

In 2017, I wrote a column called Warming Signs for Paste Magazine about the effects of climate change already being seen around the world.


Warming Signs

> Would Painting Everything White Make the Planet Cooler?
> More Wildfires Are One Sign of a Warmer Planet
> Climate Change May Cost Us Everything
Is Climate Change to Blame for Antarctica’s Meltdown?
Climate Change Means More Mosquito-borne Illnesses Like Zika
> Why Are Governments Killing Environmentalists?
> Calculating Your Transportation “Footprint”
> Badlands Park Service Twitter: Going Rogue and Standing Firm Against Trump
Corralling Cattle Emissions Could Help Save the Planet
> Cow Burps and Climate Change
> Climate Change Means A Sea Change for Fishermen and Scientists

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