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Explainers & Practical Advice

> Don’t Call It a Pandemic of the Stupid, The New Republic
> Testing Alone Isn’t Enough to Ensure Safety During Holidays, Experts Say, The Washington Post
—> This reporting also contributed to Three Reasons a Negative Coronavirus Test Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re Not Infected, The Washington Post
> What Is Covid-19 Doing to Our Hearts? The New Republic
> Behind the Conflicting Advice on Coronavirus Safety, The New Republic
> The Hard Truth About Antibody Tests, The New Republic
> A Better Way to Stop Coronaviruses, The New Republic
> A Novel Virus Killed 24,000 Piglets in China. Where Did It Come From? NPR


> Michigan Accounts for One in 10 New Covid Cases in US Amid Surge, The Guardian
> US Leaders Urge Covid Boosters for All Ahead of Expected FDA Authorization, The Guardian
> Hesitancy, Inequity: Is the US ‘Making the Same Mistakes’ With Kids’ Vaccines? The Guardian
> New Vaccine Campaigns Target Rural Americans to Address Disparities, The Guardian
> FDA Advisers Recommend Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine for Kids Aged 5-11, The Guardian
> Virginia Governor Reveals Long Covid Symptoms as He Urges Vaccinations, The Guardian
> US Throws Out Millions of Doses of Covid Vaccine as World Goes Wanting, The Guardian
> Some US Patients Waiting for Organ Transplants Must Get Covid Vaccine or Be Removed From List, The Guardian
> Pfizer Asks US to Allow Covid Vaccines for Children Aged Five to 11, The Guardian
> Vaccinating the Unvaccinated Is Better Than Giving People Covid Booster Shots, The New Republic
> ‘On the Right Side of History’: Ousted Tennessee Vaccine Official on Mandates, Myths and Muzzles, The Guardian
> Biden’s Hard Line on Vaccine Mandates Draws Praise and Pushback, The Guardian
> The Radical Honesty of Biden’s Vaccine Plan, The New Republic
> Most Nurses Are Vaccinated – So Why Do People Think Health Workers Are Vaccine Hesitant? The Guardian
> America Mulls Vaccine Mandates — Will They Work? The Guardian
> Please Don’t Rush to Get a Third Covid Shot, The New Republic
> The Delta Covid Variant’s Urgent Message for America, The New Republic
> Herd Immunity Is Not a Magical Percentage, The New Republic
> There’s Something Missing From Biden’s Move to Free the Covid Vaccines, The New Republic
> Bring Covid Vaccines Door-to-Door, The New Republic
> Halting the AstraZeneca Vaccine Over Blood Clots Could Do More Damage Than Good, The New Republic
> Why This Pandemic Expert Bet It All, New York
> It Could Save Your Life and End This Damn Pandemic, The New Republic
> What Successful Vaccine Rollouts Have in Common, The New Republic
> Biden Is Missing an Obvious Solution to Speed Up Vaccine Production, The New Republic
> Our Vaccine Rollout Has an Inequality Problem, The New Republic
> How to Vaccinate a Country Amid Trump’s Wreckage, The New Republic
> How Pandemics End [podcast], The New Republic
> But Really, the White House Should Get Vaccinated, The New Republic
> Now Is When We Choose How Effective the Covid Vaccines Will Be, The New Republic
> So You Won’t Get an Early Covid-19 Vaccine. That’s OK. The New Republic
> Pharma Executives Are Profiting From Covid Vaccine Press Releases, The New Republic
> There’s a Lot We Don’t Know About the Promising Covid Vaccine, The New Republic
> A Covid-19 Vaccine Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect, The New Republic
> Trump Is Encouraging Big Pharma’s Worst Instincts, The New Republic
> Can Platform Vaccines Really Save Us? The New Republic
> The Risky Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine, The New Republic


> US Hospitals Prepare for Influx of Covid Patients as Millions Travel for Thanksgiving, The Guardian
> Demand Soars for Monoclonal Antibody Treatments in States With Low Vaccination Rates, The Guardian
> Why Are Floridians Lining Up for Hours to Get Antibody Treatments? Slate
> Why Trump’s Experimental Covid-19 Treatment Could Be Bad News for Everyone Else, The New Republic
> No, Regeneron Did Not Cure Donald Trump of Covid-19, The New Republic
> The Promising New Covid-19 Therapy You Probably Haven’t Heard About, The New Republic
> Scientists Really Wish Trump Hadn’t Made That Covid Plasma Announcement, The New Republic

Families & Social Issues

> Here Come the Thanksgiving Covid Fights, The New Republic
> Covid Vaccines for US Children Are Coming, But Challenge Will Be Persuading Parents, The Guardian
> Covid Cases Among Children Are Surging in the US as Students Head Back to School, The Guardian
> Treating Patients with Long Covid, Monitor on Psychology (in print)
> You Might Not Know If Your Kid Has Covid-19, The New Republic
> Traveling With Kids During the Pandemic, The Washington Post
> Female Scientists Are Bearing the Brunt of Quarantine Child-Rearing, The New Republic
> Interest in Home Births Is Spiking as Coronavirus Complicates Labor Plans, VICE

Leadership & Policy

> As Covid Recedes in US a New Worry Emerges: Wildlife Passing on the Virus, The Guardian
> US Public Health in Crisis as Covid Prompts Curbs on Officials’ Powers, The Guardian
> Colin Powell, Former US Secretary of State, Dies at 84 of Covid Complications (contributed reporting), The Guardian
> West Virginia Battles Covid Surge After Failing to Build on Early Vaccine Success, The Guardian
> ‘Not Even Modestly Good Control’: Fauci Says US Covid Cases 16 Times Too High to End Pandemic, The Guardian
> Welcome to the Climate-Covid Convergence, The New Republic
> You Might Get Covid-19 Eventually. But Avoid It for as Long as You Can. The New Republic
> What the $%&! Is Going On at the FDA? The New Republic
> The U.S. Could Face Another Covid Surge This Fall, The New Republic
> How Will We Know If There’s a Covid Supervariant? The New Republic
> What Will Life in America Be Like in 2022? The New Republic
> How a Democratic Senate Can Ease the Coronavirus Crisis, The New Republic
> The Actual Death Toll From the Pro-Trump Riot Won’t Be Known for Weeks, The New Republic
> If the U.S. Already Had a Covid Variant, We Wouldn’t Know, The New Republic
> How to Restore the Glory of Government Science, The New Republic
> How Biden Can Beat Covid-19, The New Republic
> Trump Is Still the President, and the Pandemic Is Getting Worse, The New Republic
> Doctors Are Appalled by White House’s “Barbaric” New Coronavirus Strategy, The New Republic
> The Limits of Mask Ordinances, The New Republic

Arctic & Alaska

> Alaska Hospitals Make Wrenching Decisions as They Begin to Ration Care, The Guardian
> ‘It’s Awful. It’s Exhausting’: Alaska Rations Care as It Hits Covid Nadir, The Guardian
> Why Domestic Violence in the Arctic Could Surge With the Coronavirus Pandemic, ArcticToday (also published by Nunatsiaq News)
> Canada’s Arctic Territories All Declare Public Health Emergencies, ArcticToday
> MOSAiC Expedition Halts Aerial Surveys Due to Coronavirus, Travel Restrictions, ArcticToday
> How the Arctic’s Limited Infrastructure Could Make Coronavirus Deadlier in the Region, ArcticToday
> This Year’s Arctic Winter Games Canceled Over Fears of Coronavirus Spread, ArcticToday
> Arctic Fisheries Brace for ‘Significant’ Effects from China’s Coronavirus Lockdown, ArcticToday


> How America Screwed Up the Great School Reopening, The New Republic
> ‘I’m Nervous’: US Colleges Wrestle With Covid Safety as Fall Semester Begins, The Guardian
> Education Is Set Up to Fail in the Pandemic, The Nation
> He’s Starting School at Home, But I’m Just Happy He’s Here, Catapult
> Here’s What It Would Take to Reopen Schools Safely, The New Republic

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