2014-11-03 12.29.27Global Health

> The Growing Toll of the Global Gag Rule, The New Republic
> The Unanswered Questions About Anthrax, NPR
> Bubonic Plague Strikes in Mongolia: Why Is It Still a Threat? NPR
> HIV Rates Are Rising Across the American South in States That Didn’t Expand Medicaid, Pacific Standard
> Researchers Are Surprised by the Magnitude of Venezuela’s Health Crisis, NPR
> Cholera 101: Why This Ancient Disease Is Making Headlines in 2019, NPR
> 9 Million People Are Likely HIV Positive and Don’t Know It, NPR
> Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Toilet Signs Try to Help, NPR
A Frozen Idea to Save Helpful Germs From Disasters, NPR
> What Kills 5 Million People a Year? It’s Not Just Disease, NPR
> The 7 Dwarfs Whistle While They Work to Fight Malaria, NPR
> Scientists Discover the Secret Weapon of Stomach Viruses, NPR
> Some Bacteria Are Becoming ‘More Tolerant’ of Hand Sanitizers, Study Finds, NPR
> A Novel Virus Killed 24,000 Piglets in China. Where Did It Come From? NPR
Hungry for Change, China Dialogue

Health & Development

> Kathy Pico Is Just Getting Started, Outside
> Can a Woman’s Rising Social Status Bring Down Rates of Domestic Violence? NPR
> Rejection by the King Of Nepal Was Not the End of the Road, NPR
> Therapy for Torture Victims Has Surprising Economic Benefit, Study Says, NPR
Top US Government Aid Partner to Pay $500k Damages to African American Job Applicants, The Guardian
CEO and Pregnant; Yahoo! But Wait a Minute . . . Women’s eNews; also published on
Color Lines Create Widest Pay Gaps, Women’s eNews
In India, Daughters-in-Law Encouraged to Speak Up, Women’s eNews

IMG_0549Mental Health

> Mental Health Care Is Becoming Accessible in Nepal, Outside
> Solving the Suicide Crisis in the Arctic Circle, Pacific Standard
In a Land of Thundering Reindeer, Suicide Stalks the Indigenous Sami, STAT News (republished by PBS NewsHour)
Anguish in the Scandinavian Arctic [podcast], GroundTruth Project
The ‘Anticipatory Anxiety’ of Waiting for Disaster, The Atlantic
She Found Relief for PTSD With a Different Kind of Therapy. But Does It Work? The Washington Post

Brazil milk banksMaternal and Child Health

> The Surprisingly Simple Way To Save Babies’ Lives, BRIGHT; also published by News Deeply
> Should Women Be Paid for Donating Their Breast Milk?, The Atlantic; also published by the Huffington Post
> Premature Baby, Preexisting Condition, Catapult
Indian Baby Showers Add Iron-Rich Nutritional Gift, Women’s eNews

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