D.C. News & Issues

> The Battle for Brown Grove, The Washington Post magazine; also published by The Philadelphia Tribune
> Violence at the Capitol has ‘upped the ante’ and helped put DC statehood ‘in sight,’ Insider (also published by Yahoo News)
> How DC’s Ganjapreneurs Are Working Around the Law with Marijuana Edibles, Vice
> Watermen Go From Harvesting Oysters to Hauling Tourists, The Washington Post
> Wagtime in D.C., a Doggie Day Care/Salon That Helps Find Rescue Dogs New Homes, The Washington Post


Subcultures & Lifestyle

> I Thought Figure Skating Wasn’t for a Girl Like Me, Catapult
Why Some Breweries Intentionally Limit Their Beer Supply, Vice
Walking the Dog Slowly: Yo-Yo’s Quest for Legitimacy, Vice
> Rapper’s Delight, Maryland Life
> Dover Native Smith Shooting for the Top, Delaware State News
> Live from Bronycon!, Slate and Bitch magazine
> D.C. ‘Bronies’ Feel the Love and Friendship of ‘My Little Pony’, The Washington Post (republished in the Denver Post)
> Virginia Man Immersed in the World of Competitive Guppy Breeding, The Washington Post

Green Girl

Literature & Art

> Who Says Memoir Has to Be Nonfiction? An Interview With Tyrese Coleman, The Millions
> Motherhood and Migration: An Interview with Vanessa Hua on “A River of Stars,” L.A. Review of Books
> The Surprising History of Historic Swahili Postcards, NPR
> Becoming the Person You Are: Meaghan O’Connell Writes Motherhood, The Millions
> “We’re Not Going to Change the Laws Until We Tell the Stories of the Silenced”: Playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle on Theatre, History, the Law, and Native Sovereignty, Catapult
In Kate Zambreno’s ‘Green Girl,’ a Young American Wanders Through London, The Washington Post
Facing the Beast: On Anxiety and Sisterhood, The Toast
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District Lines


> “Desi Wok,” District Lines volume 2
> “Invisible,” Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Magical Fiction
> “Bellyful,” Abundant Grace

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