Tröegs Brewery: A Hoppin’ Good Time

Recently, a few friends and I hit the road for Hershey, Pa.– apparently the sweetest town in America!

But indulging in insane amounts of chocolate was not our goal. Instead, our road trip landed us next door to the famed amusement park, at Tröegs Brewery.

We had a fantastic time touring the brewery and the accompanying gift shop. But the (surprising) star of the show was the restaurant. Check out the “Snack Bar,” where unsuspecting patrons may order poutine, foie gras, or fondue. We ordered all that and more–charcuterie, cod-and-potato cake sandwiches, pork rinds. It’s a hipster’s wet dream. And it’s so, SO delicious. Have you heard the good news about JavaHead Stout goat cheese brownies??? Heaven is a place on earth, guys.

And the bar offers the same level of high-quality chilling-out. I ordered two flights, including the Mad Elf, ESB, Impending Descent, JavaHead Stout, and Dreamweaver Wheat. (The Dreamweaver was the only off note for me.) The you-pick-three flights are only $5.50 each!


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