20 Questions to Make Book Nerds Fall in Love

You’ve heard of the “36 questions to make you fall in love” piece. They sound great and all, but they kind of overlook the most important questions in life. Here, I amend the omission. 

I love books

Which Harry Potter book reigns supreme?

You wake up and you’re a cockroach. First thing you do?

Which special power would you have in Miss Peregrine’s world?

Do you believe short stories can encapsulate large and small moments of a person’s life, or are they just a big tease?

Bilbo or Frodo?

Bossypants or Yes Please?

Emily or Charlotte?

Hardcover or paperback?

Your desert island book list–does it include Shakespeare?

Is Old Man and the Sea too long or too short?

Do you like Allie Brosh alot?

Have you ever read a book with the modifier “4-hour” in it?

Did you read Cormac McCarthy before the movie adaption of No Country for Old Men? Have you read him now?

Which main character in “A Song of Ice and Fire” would you be? Which minor character?

How far are we from the nearest bookstore right now? Library?

Do you have any objections to owning more books you haven’t read than book you have read?

Which literary destination, imaginary or real, would you most like to visit?

How many bookshelves is “too many”?

You have to travel back in time and can take one literary character with you. Who do you take? Just kidding. Answer: Gandalf.

Are you going to read Harper Lee’s new novel?

Which questions would you add? Leave a comment!

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