August 2011 in Review

August 2011 Stats

Books in progress: 6
Books read: 7
Pages read: 2,382
Books reviewed: 6
Posts on book reviewing: 6
(includes features like In My Mailbox, Wordless Wednesday, and Top Ten Tuesday; reading challenges; and news)

August was a great month for me–I read several great books that I’m excited about reviewing, and I reviewed several books that I enjoyed a great deal.

I loved John McWhorter’s What Language Is and Noelle Hancock’s My Year with Eleanor. And I also enjoyed reading Northwest Corner by John Burnham Schwartz; Just My Type by Simon Garfield; and The Irresistible Henry House by Lisa Grunwald.

To round out the month, Ruthie posted a guest review of Cakes from Scratch in Half the Time by Linda West Eckhardt that left me drooling. Why doesn’t she ever make cakes like that for me?

In addition, I was very pleased to have my review of Mark Hertsgaard’s Hot published on I found the premise of the book slightly overwrought, but I enjoyed the challenge of fairly representing the research that went into the book.


I hosted two giveaways in August: Northwest Corner and What Language Is. Congratulations to the two winners!

Currently I’m giving away another book that I loved, The Rules of the Tunnel. Leave a comment on the review and you’ll be entered to win!

Looking Forward

August also brought with it a big change: Jack and I moved! He bought a house not far from where we were living before, but it is so much bigger than that apartment. We love it! (Even though the recent heavy rains showed us that the roof of the sunroom is in less than great shape–part of the ceiling collapsed.) Tink is very pleased with the new back yard, and the commute is much better for me. And I have a garden! I couldn’t be happier.

As if the big move weren’t enough, I’m also beginning grad school on Tuesday. I’m starting off with only one class (in nonfiction writing), but I have no idea how much it will require of me. Although my posts here may become less frequent, I’m hoping to incorporate some of the work from class in my posts. First up will be a list of my required reading!

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