The big-name journalists who are trying to “both sides” Covid

The New York Times’ David Leonhardt and others would have you believe that liberal overreaction to the pandemic is as big a problem as the anti-vax right.

Photo: Garry Knight

There is a movement afoot just as insidious as right-wingers refusing to wear masks and get vaccinated. It’s progressives who are fully vaccinated but whose overcautious attitude toward Covid-19 is harming a generation of children and preventing society from getting over the pandemic.

Or so posits David Leonhardt, a journalist at The New York Times who has written about this phenomenon in his newsletter and appeared on the Times podcast The Daily on Wednesday—the day after more than 3,100 Americans died of Covid-19—to discuss the alarming trend of liberals who just won’t quit Covid. The fact that poll respondents who are fully vaccinated and boosted seem more worried about getting sick, Leonhardt wrote this week, suggests “both political tribes really do seem to be struggling to read the evidence objectively. As a result, the country is suffering thousands of preventable deaths every week while also accepting a preventable crisis of isolation that’s falling particularly hard on children.” Read more at The New Republic.

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