Why Should I Care About Sea Ice?

I am a columnist at Paste magazine, focusing on climate change and how it intersects with our lives now. In these posts, I focus on how what happens at the poles doesn’t stay at the poles.


Arctic Melt Reaches Around the Globe

A few days before Christmas, temperatures near the North Pole reached a melting point of around 32 degrees Fahrenheit—more than 40 degrees above average. The unprecedented temperatures are a bellwether for how climate change will affect the rest of the world in the next few decades. But they’re also an indication that these changes are happening right now, and affecting weather all over the globe. Read more.

Is Climate Change to Blame for Antarctica’s Meltdown?

Antarctica is, if you’ll pardon the expression, hot right now. There’s been plenty of news lately about enormous cracks in the ice shelf, glacier break-up and record-low sea ice. How do these recent changes relate to the larger phenomenon of climate change, though? Read more.

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