Reporting from Nepal

I was in Kathmandu to lead a group of eleven journalists reporting on health and development when the earthquake struck. Here are the stories I filed from Nepal.

What Nepal’s earthquake felt like from a hotel in Kathmandu

The Washington Post, April 25

At 11:58 a.m., I glanced at the clock in the lobby of the Yak & Yeti Hotel in the Durbar Marg neighborhood of the Nepalese capital. I walked toward the elevator, and the floor rolled in front of me. It felt like a small boat tossed by enormous waves. Read more…

Nepal earthquake death toll expected to rise sharply

The Guardian, April 27

Nitika Thapa couldn’t make her way out of the house for all its trembling, and so she hid under the bed, writes Melody Schreiber in Katmandu. Read more…

In Nepal’s capital, plumes from pyres and pleas from quake survivors

The Washington Post, April 29

Cattle used to graze in the abandoned lot, picking for fresh shoots and herbs amid the trash. It’s now home to a makeshift settlement for about 500 people left homeless or too afraid to return to their damaged houses. Read more…


In tent city in Kathmandu, people scavenge for food and water

USA Today, April 29

The first supplies of food aid began reaching some remote, earthquake-shattered mountain villages in Nepal on Wednesday, but the recovery is slow. Basic supplies are growing scarce. In this camp in the nation’s capital, no one has received any food or water since the quake. Read more…

Two survivors pulled from rubble 5 days after Nepal quake

USA Today, April 30

The airport in the capital is no longer filled with a surge of visitors desperate to leave, but instead with large pallets arriving with medicine, food, blankets, tents and other supplies. Turkish doctors Mustafa Yazilioglu and Muzaffer Akkoca, dressed in bright red uniforms, waited patiently Thursday on hard blue plastic chairs in a deserted wing of the airport to pick up 10 tons of medical supplies — dozens of pallets sent from the Turkish government. Read more…

Nepal’s earthquake still causes me tremors

USA Today, May 3

Scattered remnants of the camps of thousands who rushed to leave Kathmandu after a powerful earthquake a week ago are still visible in the grassy areas outside the capital’s airport. These dozen or so tents join thousands of others throughout this city, pitched on every available green space by residents stuck in limbo — nowhere to stay, nowhere to go. Read more…

Nepal’s progress on health violently set back by massive quake

Humanosphere, May 6

Last Sunday morning, after the first night of camping outside in Kathmandu, I woke up to storm clouds overhead. The man a few feet away didn’t.

Like many other guests at our hotel, we heeded the Nepali government’s warnings about aftershocks, and we spent the chilly night huddled on the ground or on makeshift beds, searching for sleep. Read more…

The struggle to get aid to quake survivors in Nepal

Humanosphere, May 13

With yet another large quake striking Nepal on Tuesday, killing nearly a hundred people and reports of a missing US military helicopter that had been aiding remote communities, the challenge of providing disaster assistance in this poor country has only gotten bigger. Read more…

Facebook and the Illusion of Safety

The Atlantic, May 19

After the massive earthquake in Nepal, the social network implemented a post-disaster check-in button. It may be reassuring, but it isn’t necessarily accurate. Read more…

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