A Time to Dance

Last weekend, Jack and I traveled to Lynchburg for his grandmother’s memorial service. It was wonderful to spend time with his family, celebrating the life of a woman who impacted us all and also celebrating the lives of those who are still with us. Jack’s aunt, Susie, celebrated her birthday while the family was gathered in Lynchburg, and I think we all had a great time.



This was a fun but busy week for me. I got a good grade on my first graduate school writing assignment, I moved to the next level in my ice skating classes, and… drumroll please… I cut off my hair! I took about 20 inches off… what do you think?

This weekend, Jack and I hit the road again to see my friends and family back in Delaware. Yesterday, we attended a better-late-than-never baby shower for my sister Hannah and her adorable twins, Davy and Angie. I’m so pleased to be an auntie–again! David is the most chilled-out baby I’ve ever held, while Angela is a little more high-maintenance… everyone says she takes after me!

The twins’ names have a special significance for our family. David Joshua is named for Joshua David, my brother-in-law. And Angela Mercy is named for my little sister, also a twin, who passed away at a very young age.

After the shower, we tested out our Halloween outfits at Ruth’s annual party–after years of trying, Jack and I finally made it! I’ll be posting pictures soon.

I’m reminded yet again of the song “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by The Byrds. After celebrating the long, happy life of a loved one, we then move on to celebrate new life and its joys.

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  1. Oh mY! I was so surprised to see you had cut your hair! But I must say it looks great and so much more stylish and cute! Was it a shock? Does it feel weird to have it so short now? I have long hair (see FB photo) and a few years ago I cut off 12 inches of hair and donated it to Locks of Love. At the time my hair was about four feet long so it was still very long when I cut off one foot but it still felt strange for a long time. You are an inspiration to updating my look, I’ll let you know if I decide to cut it 🙂


    • WOW that is LONG!!!! A few years ago, my hair was past my waist, but I don’t think it ever got that long! I like having short hair–it’s a really nice change. It had gotten to the point where I did the same thing every day with it–a bun–and I wanted something new.

      The one thing I’ve learned in getting a dramatically different cut is: Do it right! Have a pretty clear idea of what you want, and pay a little extra to go to a good salon so that you immediately fall in love with the new look!


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