Saying Goodbye

I’m writing this in advance of the weekend, because I will be without internet connection. This weekend, Jack and I will be traveling to Lynchburg for the memorial service of his grandmother, Gene Joiner.

Gene was a lovely woman, and this post by one of her daughters, Susie, summarizes her warmth and generosity and life well lived far better than I can.

This time of year is a little difficult for me–Judy, my best friend Ruth’s mother and a second mother to me, passed away in September 2009; and Josh, my brother-in-law, passed away last November. Sometimes I find myself sinking into self-pity, which is the last thing any of them would want to see.

But when I reflect on the impact these three amazing people have had on my life, I can’t help but feel optimistic. Though I mourn the loss of loved ones, if I learned anything from them, it is that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. There is not enough time to dwell in the past, and why would you want to?

Perhaps you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. But then it will stay with you forever.

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