Book Earrings

Show your bookish pride with customizable handmade book earrings! This miniature book replica also makes a wonderful gift for the book nerd in your life. Just tell me what you want, and I can make it!

High-quality “hardcover” editions ($20) are bound traditionally using thread and archival glue. More affordable “paperback” covers ($12) are printed directly onto high-quality stock paper. Both versions are attached to stainless steel earrings and include up to sixteen pages of customizable quotes. Each book is unique, even in a set of earrings!

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Previous requests have included:

I can make a matching set, or you can mix-and-match: What about pairing Miss Peregrine with Hollow City, or Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights? You may also customize the cover art, quotes, paper color, earring length and type, and any other accessories (ribbon, beads, etc). In addition, I can customize book size and page numbers if you want something specific.


  • The large pendant is 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches tall. It holds 16 pages of quotes, which is about 200 words.
  • The medium is 0.85 inches wide and 1.25 inches tall. It holds 12 pages of quotes – about 150 words.
  • The small is 0.65 inches wide and 1 inch tall. It holds 8 pages of quotes – about 100 words.

All sizes open easily to display your favorite quotes.

Pendant sizes

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