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highres_camillaandersen_stat_sami03-1024x819Climate Change in the Arctic

> Solving the Suicide Crisis in the Arctic Circle, Pacific Standard
In a Land of Thundering Reindeer, Suicide Stalks the Indigenous Sami, STAT News (republished by PBS NewsHour)
Anguish in the Scandinavian Arctic [podcast], GroundTruth Project
> How One Inuit Community Won Against Big Oil, The New Republic
> The Race to Save Arctic Cities As Permafrost Melts, CityLab (republished by National Observer and The Week)
> Exploring Norway, Where Climate Change Affects Indigenous People, GroundTruth Project
> Protecting Indigenous Tradition in the Arctic, GroundTruth Project


Warming Signs, Paste Magazine

Is Climate Change to Blame for Antarctica’s Meltdown?
Climate Change Means More Mosquito-borne Illnesses Like Zika
> Why Are Governments Killing Environmentalists?
Corralling Cattle Emissions Could Help Save the Planet

Climate tracker
Paris Agreement on Climate Change

A Super-Nerdy Insurance Plan Could Save Countries From Damage Caused by Climate Change, Quartz
> Man-Made “Wind Trees” Will Finally Make It Possible to Power Homes Using Turbines, Quartz
> A Tiny Forest Tribe Built a DIY Drone From YouTube to Fight Off Illegal Loggers, Quartz
> Corking Climate Change: Sustainable Practices Bear Fruit in Champagne Production, The Guardian
> Lost in the Labyrinth of the Paris Climate Talks? Follow a Climate Tracker, Fusion
> The Silent March for Change, GroundTruth Project

thumbnail (3)More Science Features

> Meet the Indigenous Women Fighting for Ecuador’s Rainforest, The New Republic
> Extreme Athletes Are Braving the Harshest Environments on Earth For Science, Earther
> How Camera Traps Are Revealing a Rich, Hidden World of Wildlife, Earther
> In Hawaii, Distant Galaxies Confront Indigenous Lands in Quest for World’s Largest Telescope, Fusion
> Police Turn to New DNA-Powered Technology in Hopes of Finding Killer, The Washington Post
> In the D.C. Area, Carpooling “Slugs” Ride Fast and Free, Grist
> Life in the Slug Lane, Washingtonian
Got Food Scraps? Hail a ‘Compost Cab’, Grist
> Bikes Are Green, But in the Red, China Dialogue

Health & Development

2014-11-03 12.29.27Global Health

> 9 Million People Are Likely HIV Positive and Don’t Know It, NPR
> Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Toilet Signs Try to Help, NPR
> What Kills 5 Million People a Year? It’s Not Just Disease, NPR
> The 7 Dwarfs Whistle While They Work to Fight Malaria, NPR

Brazil milk banksMaternal and Child Health

> The Surprisingly Simple Way To Save Babies’ Lives, BRIGHT; also published by News Deeply
> Should Women Be Paid for Donating Their Breast Milk?, The Atlantic; also published by the Huffington Post
> Premature Baby, Preexisting Condition, Catapult
Indian Baby Showers Add Iron-Rich Nutritional Gift, Women’s eNews

kul2-poole_custom-40eac0964bbef05a792e6a7a2a06d72243cc046d-s800-c85Gender & Social Issues

Can a Woman’s Rising Social Status Bring Down Rates of Domestic Violence? NPR
> Rejection by the King Of Nepal Was Not the End of the Road, NPR
> Therapy for Torture Victims Has Surprising Economic Benefit, Study Says, NPR
Top US Government Aid Partner to Pay $500k Damages to African American Job Applicants, The Guardian
In India, Daughters-in-Law Encouraged to Speak Up, Women’s eNews

IMG_55191469686511More Health Features

A Frozen Idea to Save Helpful Germs From Disasters, NPR
> Scientists Discover the Secret Weapon of Stomach Viruses, NPR
> Some Bacteria Are Becoming ‘More Tolerant’ of Hand Sanitizers, Study Finds, NPR
> A Novel Virus Killed 24,000 Piglets in China. Where Did It Come From? NPR
She Found Relief for PTSD With a Different Kind of Therapy. But Does It Work? The Washington Post
Hungry for Change, China Dialogue

Natural Disasters


Volcanic Eruptions
The ‘Anticipatory Anxiety’ of Waiting for Disaster, The Atlantic
> Hawaii’s Epic Lava Leak Could Bring New Life to the Big Island’s Waters, The Atlantic

> Facebook and the Illusion of Safety, The Atlantic
> In Nepal’s Capital, Plumes From Pyres and Pleas From Quake Survivors, The Washington Post
What Nepal’s Earthquake Felt Like From a Hotel in Kathmandu, The Washington Post
> Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Expected to Rise Sharply, The Guardian
> In Tent City in Kathmandu, People Scavenge for Food and Water, USA Today
> Two Survivors Pulled From Rubble 5 Days After Nepal Quake, USA Today
Nepal’s Earthquake Still Causes Me Tremors, USA Today
> Nepal’s Progress on Health Violently Set Back by Massive Quake, Humanosphere
The Struggle to Get Aid to Quake Survivors in Nepal, Humanosphere

Subcultures & Lifestyle

Vice yo-yo
> I Thought Figure Skating Wasn’t for a Girl Like Me, Catapult
How DC’s Ganjapreneurs Are Working Around the Law with Marijuana Edibles, Vice
Why Some Breweries Intentionally Limit Their Beer Supply, Vice
Walking the Dog Slowly: Yo-Yo’s Quest for Legitimacy, Vice
Watermen Go From Harvesting Oysters to Hauling Tourists, The Washington Post
> Rapper’s Delight, Maryland Life
> Dover Native Smith Shooting for the Top, Delaware State News
> Wagtime in D.C., a Doggie Day Care/Salon That Helps Find Rescue Dogs New Homes, The Washington Post
> Live from Bronycon!, Slate and Bitch magazine
> D.C. ‘Bronies’ Feel the Love and Friendship of ‘My Little Pony’, The Washington Post (republished in the Denver Post)
> Virginia Man Immersed in the World of Competitive Guppy Breeding, The Washington Post


Green Girl> I am a contributor to Book Riot; see all of my posts here.
> Motherhood and Migration: An Interview with Vanessa Hua on “A River of Stars,” L.A. Review of Books
> The Surprising History of Historic Swahili Postcards, NPR
> Becoming the Person You Are: Meaghan O’Connell Writes Motherhood, The Millions
> “We’re Not Going to Change the Laws Until We Tell the Stories of the Silenced”: Playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle on Theatre, History, the Law, and Native Sovereignty, Catapult
In Kate Zambreno’s ‘Green Girl,’ a Young American Wanders Through London, The Washington Post
Facing the Beast: On Anxiety and Sisterhood, The Toast
Why Would a Nice Girl Like Me Date an Inmate?, Slate
CEO and Pregnant; Yahoo! But Wait a Minute . . . Women’s eNews; also published on
Color Lines Create Widest Pay Gaps, Women’s eNews
There and Back Again, Land That I Live
A Dreamer of the Golden Dream, Land That I Live
The Men and Memories of Route 10, Land That I Live


District Lines> “Desi Wok,” District Lines volume 2

> “Invisible,” Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Magical Fiction

> “Bellyful,” Abundant Grace

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