Here Come the Thanksgiving Covid Fights

Vaccines are making many holiday gatherings possible this year. But not everyone agrees on the acceptable level of risk.

Photo: Anissa Wood

Last year, the advice was simple, even if it was difficult to take: It was too dangerous to have a normal Thanksgiving. Instead, many of us bunkered down—we celebrated with our pods or we stayed home with our immediate families. The decision, though grim, was pretty black and white: Gathering outside of our households could present serious, even deadly risks to ourselves and others.

Now, a year later, there are infinite shades of gray, all depending on each person’s individual risk assessments and mitigation strategies. Vaccines, for instance: Is it OK to have unvaccinated kids at the holiday dinner? What about kids who have only had access to their first shots? Do all or some of the adults need boosters? Then there are questions about how many people are invited, where they’re traveling to and from, when and how to test, what kind of ventilation is most effective, whether that throat tickle is an early symptom.… It’s exhausting. Read more at The New Republic.

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