The Cringiest Part of Chris Pratt’s Very Cringey Ode to His Wife

He has enough experience to know that celebrating a “healthy” baby is complicated for some people.

Photo: Heather

He’s become known as “the worst Chris.” Over the years, Chris Pratt has come under fire for attending a church with an anti-LGBTQ stance, as well as for his unexpected divorce from Anna Faris and his political views—he follows several conservative commentators on social media, and he said, during the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s election, that he doesn’t “feel represented by either side” in politics and bemoaned the “common ground out there that’s missed because we focus on the things that separate us.”

On Wednesday, Pratt provided a new source of ire. He posted a pre-birthday tribute to his second wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger (yes, as in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter), on Instagram. The entire post is cringe: He revels in how adoringly she looks at him, he compares her to his favorite baseball card, and he anticipates forgetting to buy her a birthday present (his net worth is $60 million).

The most cringey part for me, though, was this line: “She’s given me an amazing life, a gorgeous healthy daughter…” Read more at Slate.

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