No, Regeneron Did Not Cure Donald Trump of Covid-19

And there was no excuse for that infomercial in front of the White House.

On Wednesday afternoon, President Trump tweeted a nearly five-minute video in which he directly attributed his progress recovering from Covid-19 to a monoclonal antibodies treatment from Regeneron, a company in which he has previously invested. In the video, Trump implied that we no longer need to worry about the coronavirus because there is a “cure.”

There are many reasons to object to the president of the United States advertising the efficacy of an experimental drug and promoting, by name, a company he has links to and whose executive is a member of his golf club, while standing in front of the White House. But there’s one in particular that doctors identified in this bizarre episode: The president’s own health updates cast a shadow of uncertainty on the treatment’s effectiveness. Read more at The New Republic.

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