Female Scientists Are Bearing the Brunt of Quarantine Child-Rearing

That’s bad news for all of us, particularly when it comes to research relevant to our current crises.

Photo: BiblioArchives

I was late filing this article. While I was writing it, my three-year-old son refused to nap. When I interviewed people, he interrupted to tell them stories. He climbed on my lap as I typed and twice accidentally smacked me in the face with his plastic dinosaur. He hit a keyboard shortcut and pulled up my photo library, and then he somehow changed my font to Calibri.

Raising kids has always had its challenges. But raising kids during a pandemic, with no schools, no daycares, and no support from friends or family, and while trying to work, is downright impossible. And in certain fields—including those producing vital work for addressing the coronavirus itself, as well as the oncoming climate crisis—that’s starting to show. Read more at The New Republic.

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