Interest in Home Births Is Spiking as Coronavirus Complicates Labor Plans

As hospitals limit support people and parents fear getting sick, home-birth workers say they’re getting many more requests than normal.

Kara is 39 and a half weeks pregnant—and suddenly she’s rethinking her entire birth plan.

She always planned on delivering her baby at the hospital, as she’d done with her previous two children. She loves her midwife, who collaborates with obstetricians at the hospital near her house in Montgomery County, Maryland. (Kara didn’t want to use her last name because she discusses her health history.)

But then she learned that her doula wouldn’t be able to be with her during the birth, because the hospital would be limiting visitors to one support person during labor and delivery as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Kara worried that her husband would be banned next. Read more at VICE.

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