Warming Signs: Food on a Hotter Planet

I am a columnist at Paste magazine, focusing on climate change and how it intersects with our lives now. In these posts, I focus on how food affects and is affected by environmental changes.


Different Fish to Fry

Around the globe, fish are migrating to cooler waters north and south to the poles, and sometimes deeper into the ocean. By the end of the century, scientists estimate that 78 to 95% of the oceanic biodiversity will change in major ways. You don’t have to go to the tropics or the Arctic, though, to see how climate change is already affecting fish—and those who depend on them for food. Read more.

Climate Change Means A Sea Change for Fishermen and Scientists

Last week I wrote about how climate change is prompting a fish migration that will directly affect what’s served—or not served—for dinner. But these rapid marine changes won’t just affect our appetites; they also represent a sea change for the fisherman and communities that depend on the sea for jobs and income. Read more.

Cow burps 2_633.jpg

Cow Burps and Climate Change

When it comes to climate change and greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide often gets all the attention. It is the most prevalent greenhouse gas, but there are others to worry about, too. Methane claims the number-2 spot.

“Pound for pound, the comparative impact of CH4 on climate change is more than 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year period,” the Environmental Protection Agency reports. So where does all that gas come from? Read more.

Corralling Cattle Emissions Could Help Save the Planet

Last week, I talked about how some ruminant animals, like cows, are contributing to climate change. Now it’s time for the good news—how farmers and scientists are limiting those emissions. There are two main ways: changing what goes in, and managing what comes out. Read more.

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