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I’m a contributor to, the premier site for all things geeky and awesome. Here are a few of my favorite posts; a full list may be found here.


My Kryptonite: The Final Frontier and Space Comics

There’s something about comics set in space that just thrills me. The swashbuckling adventure juxtaposed against the extreme loneliness; the grit of a western set alongside the technological advances of space travel. Flawed heroes looking for a place to lay their heads in the whole wide galaxy, and those who live in lands betrayed by Manifest Destiny fighting back to protect what has long been theirs. Plus, all the detailed cosmological art. Be still my heart!


The Perils and Pleasures of Reading Sex Scenes in Public

Halfway through a recent flight, I scrounged around in my carry-on and realized, with mounting horror, that I’d made a newbie mistake: With two hours of empty time ahead of me, I’d brought only one trade paperback. Okay, deep breaths, don’t freak out. Just take plenty of time poring over the comic youdid bring. I pulled it out of my bag. Sex Criminals.


How to Travel With Comics

Your tickets are booked, your passport is in hand, and your bags are all packed—except for the stack of comics in front of you. Now the real work begins. How do you, fair traveler, choose what goes into the carry-on and what must be left behind? The stakes couldn’t be higher: The comics you choose will lighten or darken your mood; they will keep you company on jet-lagged nights and then keep you awake the next day as you travel around town.


Finding Comics Compatriots

It was a dark and stormy night. Rain slashed against the windows of my hostel, and inside I shivered against the cold. I was alone in a crappy hostel in Quito—my friends, my family, and my husband, Jack, were thousands of miles away, and I had no plans for the evening.


How to Survive a Con

Cons can be absolutely amazing–a great opportunity to meet creators and like-minded fans–and there’s nothing quite like being with your own people. But often, we’re talking about a lot of people. Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, conventions can also be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help make your con-going experience the best it can be.


Why Queer Comics Matter

I grew up in closely conscribed circles: I was homeschooled and a fundamentalist Christian in a rural town. There was no room to feel what I felt. I knew I liked boys… but I was also attracted to girls. I burned with my secret, disgusting shame. I was already painfully shy, but my secret left me on the outer ring of every social circle. I didn’t know how to talk to other girls; I didn’t know why I saw many girls as friends but a few I saw as… more.

Ms Marvel

Crazy About Kamala Khan? You’ll Love These Superheroines, Too!

Ms. Marvel was the first capes-and-tights book I read (one of the first comics I read at all, actually) and I was instantly hooked on this whole comics thing. Kamala is a great introduction to the comics world–but there are plenty of other kickass young ladies keeping her company. Here are a few comics to check out while Marvel gears up for Kamala’s relaunch this fall.


Five Illustrated Guides to Being a Grown-Up

It turns out, Mom and Dad weren’t kidding. Adulting is hard, y’all. But while there may not be a manual for mastering this whole grown-up thing, there are a few helpful guides! With illustrations, wise words, and very healthy doses of humor, these authors are here to get you through each day.

Black Widow

Let’s Get Physical: Five Reasons to Buy Print Comics

I love reading digital editions, webcomics, single issues, library copies, and review copies. But I don’t stop there. The comics that really capture my heart or strike a particular chord, I go out and buy in print. In fact, I keep a list of series I loved just in case if I’m in my local comics shop and want to treat myself to a favorite.


Love Lumberjanes? Give These Comics a Try

Who doesn’t love the hard-core lady-types at Miss Qiunzilla Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s camp? Lumberjanes is one of the most popular comics out there right now, and for good reason. Whether sparring with three-eyed foxes, battling sea serpents, or decoding mysterious messages, our heroines consistently kick butt. And they’re thoughtful and smart and hilarious to boot.


Black Comics by Black Creators

If you’re looking for comics about race in the United States that were actually made by African-American creators—books with nuance and depth and heart and guts—here are a few top-notch options.

Alex and Ada

In Times of Crisis, Comics Come to the Rescue

Life is always stressful. But the first half of this year was particularly anxiety-inducing for me. At the end of April, I eagerly awaited the culmination of a big work project: A reporting trip to Nepal. On my second day there, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake shook the world around me.


Confessions of a Non-Compliant Tattoo Virgin

For the feminist comics fan, there’s no better time to get a tattoo. I can’t think of a more fitting emblem for feminism than the Non-Compliant symbol from Bitch Planet. It epitomizes fearlessness, individuality, and general badassery. At least, that’s how it seems from the outside. I haven’t gotten the NC tattoo, and I don’t know if I ever will.

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