A Great Year

Jack and Melody2014 was quite a year. Most importantly, Jack and I got married, and we’re still basking in the newlywed stage. It’s been really lovely to spend the holidays with him (as well as the rest of the year)!

So yeah, I kept busy. In addition to planning the wedding… and the honeymoon… and the second honeymoon… I went on three international and one domestic work trip. In 2014, I traveled to:

  • Brazil (work)
  • Belize (vacation)
  • Ethiopia (work)
  • Chicago (work)
  • Mozambique (work)
  • U.S. Virgin Islands (vacation)

My passport got plenty of action!

U.S. Virgin IslandsIn between all the travel, I took two writing workshops this year. Between drafting my own submissions and critiquing others, I got a lot of writing done! Much of it has not yet been published, but 2014 did see several notable stories published—both nonfiction and fiction.

And several more stories are slated to come out next year!

Book cover magnets, $3.50 each or $10 for three

Book cover magnets, $3.50 each or $10 for three

I also began a new creative endeavor this year: creating hand-bound miniature books as jewelry, ornaments, and accessories. Making these books has brought me a lot of joy, and I plan to continue this business next year—and hopefully I’ll add even more items, such as prints, stationery, and scarves!

In all the hubbub of my always-busy life, I managed to read a total of 54 books this year. That’s 4 more than my goal for the year, but it’s always fewer than I would have liked. Yet I really focused on reading books that I wanted to read—rather than books I felt obliged to read. It made for a very enjoyable year!

Although I read a decent number of books, I am disappointed by how little I posted to my own site. I reviewed only 20 books for my blog in 2014! I have a huge stack of books to be reviewed, and I really need to be better in 2015 about chipping away at that stack. I love book blogging, and I’ve really missed the connections that writing about books has brought me. I’m glad I was able to focus on other aspects of my life in 2014, but in 2015, I have several concrete goals for blogging—to be revealed tomorrow!

Thanks for a wonderful year—here’s to an even more fabulous 2015!

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      • Me too! Ethiopia was a highlight of last year for me. I loved that trip and what I saw and learned. By the way, I read your reading list and was wondering if you’ve read any Lisa See? I just finished Peony in Love and enjoyed it. I adored Snow Flower and the Secret Fan too. I have three more of her books to read this month! 🙂

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