I Was Attacked by Virginia’s Serial Groper

Recently, I wrote an essay for xoJane about being attacked by a stranger–a traumatic experience that far too many women have experienced. I hope that by writing about this very painful memory, I am able to help by making more women in my neighborhood aware of the attacker, and by reminding others who have been through similar experiences that they are not alone.

On Friday, September 7, I put on a new red dress.

I’d just gotten a promotion at work, an article I had written would be published the next day in The Washington Post, and my boyfriend and I had plans to celebrate our fourth anniversary that night over sushi. I was feeling good.

At 8:15 am, I began my usual walk through the neighborhood toward a carpool lot a few minutes away.

The man came out of nowhere. Keep reading…

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  1. It seems a bit strange clicking like for such a sad tale – but in clicking that button I am showing support for your experience. Sharing this story is brave, and I also feel that the burdens we carry of our experiences and memories, when shared, can be lessened. Someone has come into your space, a stranger – someone uninvited. It will take time before that space feels your own again, but don’t be afraid for that – it will return to you. Just focus as close to yourself as possible, rebuild from the inside out, so that your foundations strengthen again. I’m sending you a little piece of my heart to help the healing.


  2. melody, i’m sorry that this happened. it must have been terrifying. have you been in touch with any of the other women who were assaulted? what a shame that it happened so close to home–a place that you can’t avoid. it was good to be with you and jack in virginia this weekend. take care. love, mary


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