Ten Literary Characters I Wish I Knew IRL

Today I was going to write about people I know who remind me of literary characters, but let’s face it: I don’t have 10 friends. Instead, I give you a list of the ten characters I wish I knew in real life.

10. Kathy Nicolo
Kathy Nicolo, one of the main characters in Andre Dubus III’s House of Sand and Fog, is confused, angry, and depressed for much of the book. But she seems so real, so honest; she’s the kind of girl I’d be besties with in real life.

9. Alice Blackwell
Curtis Sittenfeld’s fictionalized Laura Bush in American Wife is an intricate, witty, observant woman. The book is so deeply personal, I feel like I know her. (Alice, not Laura.) And maybe if we were friends, she would make me a papier-mache Giving Tree.

8. Rorschach
The anti-hero of Alan Moore’s stunning graphic novel, Watchmen, does not seem like a very “fun” guy. But I bet he’s got great stories.

7. Harry Potter
So what if he’s a little whiny sometimes? Harry would still be a kickass friend. Do you think he’d speak Parseltongue if I got him drunk enough?

6. Daenerys Targaryen

5. Tom Sawyer
Think of all the adventures we could have! I wouldn’t even mind it when he recruited me to paint the fence for him.

4. Lisbeth Salander
Everyone needs that friend who goes to the tattoo/piercing parlor with you. Also who can beat up murderer/rapists. (Hopefully not in the same day–you really ought to let those things heal properly.)

3. Ada Price
The Poisonwood Bible made a huge impression on me as an adolescent. Ada was my favorite character, and I even pretended to have her unusual psychological condition–reading words and whole sentences backward.

2. Bilbo Baggins
He has even better adventures than Tom Sawyer! And a better sense of humor, better jewelry, better-insulated feet. Just better all around!

1. Tina Fey
My odds of getting to know Tina Fey are about as good as meeting any fictional character. Lucky for me, I learned a lot about her in her hilarious memoir, Bossypants. That’ll have to do (at least until I’m discovered).

So what about you–who in your life reminds you of literary characters, or what characters do you wish you could meet?

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