Lauren Oliver

“Pandemonium” by Lauren Oliver

Title: Pandemonium Author: Lauren Oliver Series: Delirium, #2 ISBN: 9780061978067 Pages: 384 Release date: March 2012 Publisher: HarperCollins Genre: Dystopian fiction; young adult Format: Hardcover Source: Personal collection Rating: 4 out of 5 Warning: This review contains spoilers for Pandemonium’s prequel, Delirium. For more on that book, check out my enthusiastic review. Alex is gone. He was gunned down, caught in flames, unable to cross into the Wilds with Lena, and now she’s on her own. Dehydrated, thirsty, and injured, she’s on […]

Top Ten Surprise Endings

This week, I’ll be writing about the top ten book endings that left me with my mouth hanging open–because of a cliffhanger, because the ending was mindblowing, and so on. Because of my reading preferences, I’m not often left hanging off cliffs; I prefer books that build and allow me to solve mysteries before we reach the conclusion. But there have been a few books that pleasantly surprise me with the ending.

Top Ten Required Books for School

This week, I’m supposed to be highlighting the top ten books that I believe should be required reading for teens. But I think that making something required makes it seem like work, and as a result many kids don’t understand why a required book is so good. So instead, I want to focus upon books I think should be introduced to kids that usually aren’t.


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