About Me

My name is Melody, and I like words.

I am the communications director at the International Reporting Project, an independent journalism nonprofit in DC, and I also write freelance articles. Once a month, I get particularly geeky about my love for books by moderating the Nonfiction Book Club at One More Page Books & More–drop by sometime!

I received my bachelor’s in English and linguistics at Georgetown University, and I’m currently pursuing my master’s in writing at the Johns Hopkins University.

I love reading fiction and nonfiction books. I started writing reviews for the same reason as any other book blogger: I wanted to keep track of what I thought about the books I was reading, and I wanted to tell my friends about them. Also, literary criticism is an art form that I strive to reach. My favorite genres include literary fiction, international fiction, young adult/new adult, memoir, and travel, just to name a few.

I also love writing, both fiction and nonfiction. In my nonfiction writing, I cover hobbies and lifestyle, gender equality, food and nutrition, environment and transportation, travel and memoir. In my fiction, I like writing about the things, large and small, that make people who they are. Right now, I’m writing an LGBT young adult/new adult literary novel that takes place over two intersecting narratives. So I also write about the writing process. Meta.

And don’t be surprised if I post a recipe I’ve mastered or a photo of my pets from time to time. (When you see them, you’ll understand their allure.)

In my spare time (Haha! See? I’m also funny!), I train to compete as a figure skater and spend time with Jack, my loving and tolerant fiance.

If you have any ideas, comments, links, or suggestions, please feel free to email me at MelodyAWilson@gmail.com or contact me through any of the social networks you see to the right.